Ronald Wiplinger (魏仁納)

1200 Vienna · (+43) 664 9312-0209 and (+43) 720 511-119 ·

Namecard front

Namecard front

I am experienced in IT. I try to solve and teach ways how to use the Internet securely and effectively. I'm also busy with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with Cryptocurrencies.


more than 25 years extensive experience in technical and project leadership positions, willing to contribute to efficient operations in IT and high-tech sectors:

  • CEO and CTO in Consulting firms
  • CTO in technical fields related to AI and IT (preferable RPI)
  • Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision, timeline prediction, medical diagnoses
  • AI for industrial production including predictive QC
  • Artificial Intelligence instructor
  • Possess professionalism, integrity, and commercial awareness
  • Extensive marketing and technical experience
  • Development and care of client relations
  • Reading daily AI books and web sites


  • An expert in AI design (incl. AI model testing/validating and improving hyperparameters for better accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 scores)
  • Electronic & microprocessor design, with first-hand knowledge of programming of microprocessors, but also RPI
  • Seven years experience in developing microprocessor controlled equipment for industrial robots and medical or environmental measurement equipments including Chip cards
  • Excellent handling of problems – especially under stressful situations
  • Strong leadership ability with motivational skills encouraging team members in reaching optimal results with efficiency and offering quick solutions to problems
  • Superior public speaking and written communication skills: Toastmasters speech contest champions and winner of the National Table Topics contest 2004 in Taiwan
  • Experienced in understanding customers’ needs and translating requests to service requirements



Elmit Co., Ltd. (Consultant company, Artificial Intelligence) Taiwan

  • Founded and directed company
  • Designed and delivered VoIP and Internet solutions
  • Established measurement systems to ensure 99.999% uptime
  • Improved backup systems
  • Initiated product packaging, production, assembly, & quality control of VoIP devices
  • Used AI for dental images
  • Designed the AI model for fast Eye’s retina examinations
March 2001 – Present


Jstar-AI Co., Ltd. (Artificial Intelligence) Taiwan

  • designed data inquiry with a Raspberry PI 4 and high accurate iDS camera
  • designed multiple AI models to fit for finding stains, scratches, and temperature flow
  • designed data preparation system for different AI models, e.g. to recognize short or bent pins on a 40 pin connectors

Jstar-AI had their customers in China and closed end of February 2020 due to the Covid-19 epidemic

July 2019 – February 2020


Wang’s Trace Co., Ltd. (ISP) Taiwan

  • Consulted, created and launched a start-up ISP in 1995
  • Prior to 1995, traded electronic goods made in Asia to European countries
  • Increased capital from $ 5 to $ 180 million by offering solutions to new technical developments
  • Within 3 years reached a customer base of 12,500, with a profit of $ 65 million in the year 2000
  • Identified and investigated VoIP market potential in 1997
  • Conceptualized KTV over Internet (with U-Best)
  • Formulated a kindergarten and cram school video observation monitoring system for parents
  • Awarded with a Patent for a Surveillance system connected to the Internet
1991 – 2001

Gen. Manager

Electronik & Microprozessortechnik Austria

  • More than 6 years of developing electronic and microprocessor controlled machines and devices.
  • Supervised a team of 12 engineers completing 50 projects per year
  • Developed prototypes, like industrial robots or medical or environmental measurement systems.
  • Attracted the government to offer free employees and low rent offices in the Technology Park Graz.
  • Cooperated with the Technical University Graz on several projects & solution implementation. Univ. Prof. Manfred Sakkulin mentioned the fast and non-bureaucratic way we could solve many problems in a short time.
1985 – 1991

Organization Programmer

PEWAG Schneeketten GmbH Austria

  • PEWAG is Austria’s largest chain manufacturer. My work was to establish data communication links from the head office to their three factories.
  • Designed programs to monitor and administer the flow and the manufacturing process, which reduced lead-time (down by 27%) and significantly improved the profit margin (up by 38%).
1984 – 1985

Chief programmer

Stiefelkönig GmbH Austria

  • Stiefelkönig is a major shoe manufacturer and retail outlet chain
  • Expanded the logistics programs for all 160 outlets and the mail order division
  • Selected as the IBM’s preferred candidates and obtained the best test results ever recorded by IBM
1983 – 1984

University Assistant

Technical University (Institute for Electrical Constructions) Austria

  • Monitored all hardware and software in the University, including CAD system and photo lab
1980 – 1983


Technical University of Graz Austria

Ingenieur (Bachelor of Science)
Electronic Medicine (developing of medical instruments)
October 1976 – June 1990

Higher Technical Federal School (HTBL) Salzburg Austria

Ingenieur (Bachelor of Science)
Electrical Engineering
September 1971 – June 1976

Skills and Experience

  • MS office / Open Office / Planner
  • Linux server/desktop: Ubuntu
  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) specialized in computer vision
  • Convert data for easier AI handling
  • AI instructor
  • Cryptocurrency trading/bot
  • Seminars for engineers, sales, and customers
  • VirtualBox
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • RPI GPIO programming
  • Python, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas
  • Social media/bot

Current Projects


Quality Control in factories
  • Find defects during QC with computer vision
  • Predictive QC learned by AI
June 2019 – February 2020


Crypto currency trading bot
  • AI based trading advisor for crypto currency
  • Automatic trading based on this info
more ...
June 2019 – present


Swimming is a sports that my daughter likes, so "daddy" has to go with her in summer time. I love it! I like also hot spring in winter.

I like to bicycling, but have too less chances to do that.

When forced indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and crime story genre movies. I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technolgy advancements IT world.

Awards & Certifications

  • PyImageSearch Gurus course (Computer vision and AI in theory and practice)
  • Litterally 1000s of awards earned in Toastmasters for all kinds of assignments, (humourously) speeches and table topics.

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